产品型号:CVC 330

The CVC 330 Vial & Ampoule Wrap Labeler is built to automatically apply pressure sensitive labels onto small diameter round containers. The 330 comes standard with a 700mm loading turn table, a ground chain conveyor, and modified railing for precise labeling of small vials and bottles. The 330 is an ideal machine for contract packagers and manufacturers serving the biotech, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food markets.


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• Stainless Steel Frame on lockable casters
• Stainless Steel flatbed conveyor with 4"  wide table top ground down chain
• Touchscreen HMI
• Label head with up to ± 1/32" accuracy (* bottles / containers dependent)
• 700 mm Loading Turn Table
• Custom railing for handling of small diameter products
• Label Sensor for Paper or Opaque Labels
• Product Sensor with Opaque and Clear Bottle Mode
• Variable Speed Separator Wheel
CVC 330 Technical Specifications
Speed Up to 190 Bottles per Minute (BPM)
Bottle Height 1" to 10" (25mm - 254mm)
Bottle Diameter 1" to 4" (25mm - 102mm)
dependent on conveyor width
Label Width / Height ⅜" to 4¾" (10mm - 121mm)
dependent on label head type
Label Length ⅝” to 10" (16mm - 254mm)
Label Roll Max 14" (356mm) outside diameter with 3" core
Dispense Speed Max 38 meters / min.
Conveyor Width Standard 4" (also available in 6")
Conveyor Length Standard 82"
Conveyor Bed Height Standard 36" (+/- 2")
Power 110V, Single Phase, 6 Amp (208V optional)
Air Pressure Minimum 85 psi (ISO 8573-1)
Air Consumption 4 cfm (for optional reject and Lot/Date printer)
Machine Weight 219 kg
• Hot Stamp (Lot/Date Coding)
• Integrated Thermal Encoder (Lot/Date, Bar Code and Graphics)
• Adjustable Tilt for Tapered Bottles
• Clear Label Sensor
• Collecting Turn Table
• Custom Wrap Belts
• Feed Screw
• Infeed and Outfeed Conveyor Extensions
• Low Label Sensor (Factory Installed Only) • Outfeed Collection Tray
• Product Infeed Tray with Stainless Steel Insert and Paddle for easy product loading



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