产品型号:CVC 400

The CVC 400 Front & Back Labeler is built to automatically apply pressure sensitive labels onto the front and/or back of flat sided, oval, and some round containers. The 400 can be ordered with one or two labeling heads and has an optional assembly for applying a label to 3, 4, or 5 panels of a square or rectangular container. The 400 is an ideal machine for contract packagers and manufacturers serving the food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, gas, oil, and personal care markets.


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• Self Set Auto Adjusting Control System
• Stainless Steel Frame on lockable casters 
• Stainless Steel flatbed conveyor with 4" wide table top chain (Raised sanitary bed also available)
• Touchscreen HMI
• Label head with up to ± 1/32" accuracy (* bottles / containers dependent)
• Label Sensor for Paper or Opaque Labels (Clear Label Sensor available as Option) 
• Product Sensor with Opaque and Clear Bottle Mode
• Variable Speed Separator Wheel
CVC 400 Technical Specifications
Speed Up to 175 Bottles per Minute (BPM)
Bottle Height Configurable from 2" to 16" (51mm - 406mm)
Bottle Diameter Configurable from ½" to 6 ¼" (13mm - 159mm) dependent on conveyor width
Label Width / Height Configurable from ⅜" to 9" (16mm - 229mm) dependent on label head type
Label Length ¼” to 12" (16mm - 305mm)
Label Roll Max 14" (356mm) outside diameter with 3" core
Dispense Speed Max 23 meters / min.
Conveyor Width Standard 4" (Configurable 6")
Conveyor Length Standard 95 ½”
Conveyor Bed Height Standard 36" (± 2")
Power 110V, Single Phase, 5 Amp (220V optional)
Air Pressure Minimum 85 psi (ISO 8573-1)
Air Consumption 4 cfm (for optional reject and Lot/Date printer)
Machine Weight 324 kg
• Hot Stamp (Lot/Date Coding)
• Integrated Thermal Encoder (Lot/Date, Bar Code and Graphics)
• Adjustable Tilt for Tapered Bottles
• Chain alignment
• Clear Label Sensor
• Feed Screw
• Infeed and Outfeed Conveyor Extensions
• Low Label Sensor (Factory Installed Only) • Outfeed Collection Tray
• Product Infeed Tray with Stainless Steel Insert and Paddle for easy product loading



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